Who We Are

Recruitment 33 are the freshest and most exciting opportunity to hit the market for Job Seekers and Employers alike. We are the ideal choice for sourcing most suitably perfect candidate/employer partnerships and our unrelenting and zealous pursuit ensures those targets meet standards of the highest calibre.

Our small stature, but infinite ambition, lends the service we provide to be one that is completely bespoke and tailored to the needs of clients and candidates. We are continuously seeking and sourcing potential and realising that talent with the most apt of employment through our partnerships with a vast array of multi-sector companies.

Our Partnership

At Recruitment 33 we pride ourselves on our ambition and motivation as we endeavour to become the most responsible recruiter out there, with relationships central to it all. Our people-centric ethos is paramount, building long-lasting relationships and investing in people to provide the most aptly fitting of opportunities.

Complete Process

Our spirit and drive enable us to provide a professionally bespoke and personal service fully tailored to our clients requirements, that is unrivalled. We provide services as detailed and complex as is required by the needs of our clients. R33 have the competence and ability to involve ourselves throughout the complete process, delivering a full contribution to sourcing and selection.

Job Hunters

Job Hunters find us very easy to approach! Our friendly and welcoming environment comfort those seeking employment and we promise candidates that we will endeavour to search high-and-low to find the most fitting of placements. Unlike our rivals, we treat every single person engaging with us as a person, remembering that compassion and respect are two of the most important basic human traits. We keep in touch with you! We always go further than the rest! We invest in you, opening doors and opportunities to help YOU succeed!

Completely seamless optimised recruitment process.

Philip Murphy

Recruitment & Operations Manager

Philip has worked in the recruitment sector for many years, under the guise of both a large statutory body and also more recently in the private sector. He also has 17+ years working in education, ensuring that everyone was afforded opportunities to achieve the best prospects in life.

Philip was passionate in the efforts he invested and took great pride in the successes attained. This love of ‘investing in people’ led Philip to becoming a more participating member within the local community, lobbying and challenging various organisations and statutory bodies to do better and to make better provision available for all sectors of community. These experiences have proved priceless within the recruitment sector and have transferred seamlessly to all aspects.

Karen Wilson

Recruitment Consultant/Office Manager

Karen specialises in education and caring sectors of employment. Karen is meticulous in her attention to detail and has a wonderful ability to identify talent and pair it accordingly with the most fitting of positions.

Karen is new to recruitment, however her passion and drive to succeed are unrivalled. Her years of working in education and caring establishments breathe a new, fresher element to the industry. Karen will be the first port of call within the office and her friendly approachable nature lend her perfectly to comfortably receive and direct candidates and clients.

Gary McEneaney

Creative Design Lead

Gary manages the over all brand look for R33 and works in the background developing and maintaining the creative strategy. Gary coordinates and ensure the success of brand and commercial campaigns across various digital channels through engaging content and innovative imagery.

Gary leads internal design workshops with the R33 team and focus groups to generate new ideas. Gary pushes the boundaries of R33 creativity and ignites solutions by using emerging technologies to the latest trends in design and branding.